Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Day 2, 21st June 2009, Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey

After having a pretty pathetic continental breakfast which just consisted of a few pieces of white bread and some flakes, it was time to attempt our first park, this one housing the one and only 'Kingda Ka', the fastest and tallest coaster in the world, 128mph in 3.5 seconds, blasting you up 456 feet. As soon as we arrive into the car park the big cock shaped ride was glaring back at us from the distance, I believe my heart started pounding even from this far away. We think it is a good thing to head straight for it as it had been plagued with mechanical failures due to a recent lightning strike, we find out that its open, so we rush towards it once the park opens. We decide front row to further maximise our terror, theres hardly any queue! This is not really a good thing as we have no real time to think about what we are doing, we are up by the gates very quickly indeed, and my mouth goes dry, ledge isnt saying much either except 'what have we done baulty'. We sit in our little carriage, the ride operators are not like in England, they are really enthusiastic and they are shouting out ARE YOU READY FOR KINGDA KA ? and everyone is whooping and cheering like its some massive event, we slowly wheel out to the front and see the carriage in front launch off, ledge turns to me and shakes his head, our little carriage slowly moves to the launching part of the track.

It was all a bit of a blur to be honest, I remember a blokes voice over the loudspeaker going 'ARMS DOWN' and then the biggest rush of power I have ever felt on a ride, I think ledge shouted COCK a lot, and I couldnt stop shouting FUCK and SHIT. afterwards I couldnt stop saying JESUS for about half an hour, and my legs felt all funny.

After that we whipped round the park quickly and had a final go on Kingda Ka right on the back, to much more whooping and cheering and people shouting 'RIDE ON', then went for a meal at 'TOMMY'S Inn', we were served by RANDI had a basic veg burger, and whacked my head on the back of the chair twice which made everyone crease, then retired to bed, we noticed that the pickles were playing at this inn soon which made us all laugh an awful lot more.

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  1. that video looks like a nice tame ride that i might manage. Tommy's and Pickles, ho ho!