Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Day 1 – 20th June 2009, Gatwick to New York, JFK

Time to face another flight, I learn previous to the flight that we are boarding the Boeing 777 which has recently been under some scrutiny for it’s Rolls Royce engines being involved in ‘rollback’ incidents, causing some problems for the pilots mainly upon landing and take off, this does not bode well for the 7hr 40 minute flight ahead of me, but as I think the plane is going to blow up anyway I figure that at least I am prepared with the proper knowledge in how I will meet my demise.

After a cool confident sounding grey haired pilot assured me that the flight would be a little ‘bumpy’ in places I simply switched on my PSP and tried to forget I was 39,000 feet in the air.

After watching the little Indiana Jones type map in front of me on the screen showing our flight line until I passed out into a semi conscious state, I realised I could push the stewardess button next to me to request more free beer, which I took advantage of.

Flew into a rainy looking JFK, not the blue sky and sunshine I was expecting, and I couldn’t see any landmarks of New York, it just looked like a miserable London.

Next was the ordeal at JFK with finger print analysis, just incase I was the new Osama. After showing my passport a thousand times we get to National Car Rental and immediately there is a MASSIVE queue, and we don’t get the car we originally booked, after much more faffing around, it was time to hit the road, we had ourselves a nice Nissan Maxima, like sitting in a very comfy lounge in the back.

Gary didnt realise how to put it in gear initially, so we were revving like mad through the highways of New York. After clawing our way through New York Traffic, we hit our first hotel in New Jersey, the Knights Inn, absolutely starved by this point so we go for a drive around and try find somewhere to eat, the sat nav finds us a pizza place, 'papa johns', you had to tell the cashier your name so that they could call it out when it was ready.

We figure that will do, we turn up and its just like out of the Bronx, there are a load of Hispanics loitering around, and some real shifty looking characters with MASSIVE chains, I thought someone was gonna get smoked, so we all hurredly order our pizzas and the wait is AGES, so we pile into an alcohol warehouse where we are greeted (descended) by loads of Americans trying to tell us of all the amazing beer offers of the day, we just leg it to the far end of the store and pick up a 6 pack of coors, and were done.

Back to the pizza place where thankfully the pizzas are looking ready, there are a few guys waiting for there pizzas, the one guy doesn’t appear to have remembered his name for the order, and there is some confusion, we don’t hang around to find out and were in the car and back to the hotel. I have foolishly ordered the medium pizza which is HUGE and only manage half of it.

The hotel is a bit seedy looking, and its a double bed, but luckily its America and the bed is HUGE, me and ledge are too knackered to worry about it though and just crash. I awake at 3am to my alarm, thinking it should really be a lot lighter outside, and then realise I have not set my phone to American Time, what a dolt.


  1. When did this appear! I was not informed.

    You're not the new Osama, you're the new Obama.