Tuesday, 21 July 2009

7th July 2009 - Chill Time

Woke up, had no breakfast, didnt want to risk some dodgy bread or odd looking little cakes that were actually savoury, so drove the huge 210 mile journey towards Hershey and the Westwynd Farm hotel, stopped at a waffle house, I declined and had some special pre made 'breakfast baps' in the car.

Westwynd farm was incredibly posh, like a huge show home, and everything was immaculate. We soon clock the FREE beer and wine, and we chill in our new surroundings. Later go to the crossroads restuarant, ledge and gaz decided they were going to attempt an Italian eating challenge, so they ordered this huge mix of italian produce. I was starting to get a little fed up of the whole tipping affair, so I threw down every single bit of change that I had in my pocket as a tip afterwards and told ledge 'well it's still money isnt it'.

Went for a bit of a wonder around the farm, and observed the horses in the fields. Later I notice that Ledge has broke his shorts, I contemplate whether this is a direct cause of being in an Italian eating competition from earlier, but it appears that it was very thin Matalan material, still this gives us all a good laugh. We spot the owner on the decking, Ledge had previously referred to this chap as 'captain birdseye with his chin dipped in cream' due to his rather white beard.

Watched a bit of the UFC ultimate fighting champion in the Westwynd lounge, but soon got bored of people punching each other, so me and ledge started a mini game of poker using hersheys chocolate kisses as chips. Poured a MASSIVE glass of wine then went back to room and put on click with Adam Sandler.

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  1. ... Don't you mean Click - with Kate Beckinsale!