Tuesday, 21 July 2009

4th 5th 6th July 2009 - Cedar POINT, Sandusky, Ohio

4th July - Independence Day

Drove to Cedar Point, best park in the world so people say. Pretty damn impressive park, milled around there for a bit, came out and had some tea at a local deli, got into a conversation with one of the owners, he said a lot of roller coaster designers rolled into town when they were designing a new ride, said they used to scribble their designs on napkins, reminded him that he should have probably kept hold of them for ebay purposes.

Saw a show which Dave would have probably liked, lots of bikes and skaters whizzing up ramps. To music.

Go back into Cedar, its open til 1am with a fireworks extravaganza. Roll up on the beach, which is a pretty impressive beach. stayed til about 10.30 saw all the fireworks.

Our hotel was the 'mecca lodge' it was a little ropey but it did have a pool which we took advantage of.

5th July

Get ERT (early ride time), a whole hour before the park opens. Ride the insane millenium force which rushes up the lift hill in seconds, almost 90mph throughout the ride. As we were queuing an older gentleman with a FLUORESCENT yellow shirt reading 'SINGLE RIDER BOB' was also very excited to be hopping on the ride, as soon as he had ridden it, he rushed back round to ride it again, we probably thought he lived locally and this was his version of a cup of coffee before his working day.

Went back to the hotel and Ledge and I decided to go back for some beach action and more bronzing up of our torsos. Made a classic balls up and forgot to repack the locker key, ledge also ballsed it and forgot his shades. He had to purchase another pair, due to the sun (and in no way connected to viewing bikini clad americans in an undercover capacity).

Went for a beer after much bronzing up and walking, cost a fortune 7 bucks 30. However we seemed to have timed it just right as a show was just starting, called 'in country' blokes and birds in checked shirts singing and dancing, it was ok though. There was an old gentleman sat right at the front with a MASSIVE bucket of popcorn, he looked just like an old Patrick Needham, complete with slightly menacing grin every time one of the ladies came to sing by him.

We were done by 7pm, tried to wangle a refund on the locker, but all the Derren Brown techniques in the world just didnt work, even tried at customer services, a very strict policy, only lost about 10 bucks though.

Jumped into the hotel pool for a good cooldown, then onto Jacks deli again for another MASSIVE sub. Back to the hotel and ledge spots a frog and a man with a glowing head, I think Ledge is drunk, he later crashes out and snores, and wakes me up with his loud snoring.

6th July

We attempt a breakfast at the hotel, it is completely grim, the loaf of bread is clearly just been defrosted in a microwave, and the cereal is just rank. We enter Cedar point for the last time with our ERT time and head straight for the top thrill dragster and attempt 'front seat boys' for maximum effect. Dragster broke as we were in the queue, but we stayed put and luckily it got fixed, did hands in the air all the way and got another ride photo.

Tried yet again to get my deposit back on yesterdays locker, but again a failure. The attendant said we could use the locker today though, which made no sense, as that was doing the park out of money essentially. Left early, by now we were pretty coastered out, Cedar Point was a particular highlight and we felt like we could just chill now.

Drove onto Pittsburgh, to a carefree inn, The inn was a little ropey but very cheap, we upgraded to 2 single beds. Went to the 'KINGS' restuarant where the burgers were half price but the waitress had a bit of an attitude, begrudgingly tipped a measly dollar, then later chilled watching a magic show and Ledge read my tucker max book.

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  1. is this the one with the 0-60 in 2 seconds or somat? Looks like class anyway.... another amusing vid on this post btw!