Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Day 10 - 29th June 2009 - Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Louisville, Kentucky

Turned up at six flags kentucky, no bugger was about, it didnt even have its own proper car park, I was absolutely busting for the 'restroom', eventually found some after scouting around a desolate retail park, Gary and Ledge had got the only 2 urinals so I step confidentally towards the huge cubicle, I open the door and there was this HUGE bloke sitting on the toilet reading the paper, he quickly uttered 'yello', and I slammed the door shut and exited the toilet watching gary and Ledge chuckle to themselves, I burst out laughing as soon as I got out of there.

We hang around the park for an eternity, tried a very nasty ride called T2 which was a ABN ride, but rough as fuck and not enjoyable in the slightest, I kept my shades on and the ride operators kept asking me 'sir, are your glasses gonna be ok, you sure ?'.

Left the park at 1pm, so we were only there for a couple of hours. Moved onto Indiana to the Quality Inn, and chilled in the outdoor pool for ages, a woman said we could use her rubber rings, so Ledge and I tried to recreate the legendary game of 'toobin' but failed as we kept slipping out of the rings at various points. Had a chat to the woman about our tour and she seemed impressed she notifies us that the 'perilous plunge' at holiday world will be shut tomorrow, we are gutted as we are due to go there tomorrow.

Go to the mexican restuarant within the hotel, and there is a very rude and large man serving us our food, Ledge orders something that I think is in Ledge's own language, but it turns out that 'chimichangas' do actually exist, so when ledge orders 'chimichangers number 31' to the guy I almost burst into tears of laughter. The man later dumps our food in front of us with not even a wry smile.

We chill later in our room with beers.


  1. That food looks about as enticing as a boiled pencil case.

  2. ...I guess thats what u end up with when u order up ur chimichangas