Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Day 13 - 2nd July 2009 - Chill Time

No parks today, decided we wanted some chill time, went to a retail outlet instead, walked into a Calvin Klein shop where the staff were overly friendly, it was all 'hey guys' and when we tried some clothes on we got 'how'd that shirt work out for you then?'

Almost followed the cashier to behind the till when he said 'walk this way sir'. After the outlet it was onto the hotel, part of the hilton group so looked quite a swanky joint. Went to an ALDI (yes aldi!) later with ledge to stock up on some travelling grub, had a lot of fun crossing the road. Had a few beers back at the room then wondered to a very scummy superstore estate, where I enquired as to whether they accepted traveller's cheques, the girl on the counter looked puzzled, she shouted to another assistant who was standing by the front door and the assistant just shouted back 'NO!'.

We saw a pretty grim squashed dead cat on the way back, and a scary looking billiards bar called 'chalky's', decided we wouldnt go to the hotel bar as it looked deadly quiet and feared beer would be about ten bucks a bottle. Decided instead to go and play some table tennis, although soon after a load of people came in and a few people just sat right in front of our table and watched us playing, this felt a little un nerving so we quickly stopped after that. Went back and watched a documentary all about the making of a porn film, apparantly its a series called 'pornocopia' which was probably not a good idea for either of us in all honesty, but it gave Ledge someone to look up when he got back home to Shrewsbury, 'Jenna Haze'.

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  1. Ahh yes Jenna Haze, a rather talented 'special' movie star!