Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Day 9 - 28th June 2009 - Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

The drive down to Dollywood was very strange, it was very spread out, and the roads kind of reminded me of a small town Las Vegas, as suddenley there were billboards either side of the road advertising magical new shows and attractions.

Our car was making a strange grating noise since the hotel, it seemed to be making it on any turn of the wheel, I thought it was the suspension, maybe we had all had too many American meals and we had caused some additional strain to the vehicle, it turned out it was just a big shaft of metal stuck by the mud guard though so panic over.

Coming into Dollywood, Dolly Partons own theme park (although as to how much running of the park she actually does is questionable) I had my doubts, what was very noticeable was the sudden shift in accent to a much more southern drawl, everyone really did speak a lot slower and say y'all a lot, as though there were a record being played at not quite the right speed.

I was most dissapointed in that there were no HUGE billboards of Dolly Partons face everywhere, I thought that could of at least provided some laffs, and what about the sound system playing joleen constantly on a loop ? Nowhere to be heard, it was literally just a small park with a lot of Dolly Parton tack in the shops and a few wooden coasters.

The sun was absolutely roasting hot so it was a good job I had slipped on my newly purchased skull and crossbone shorts from K-Mart, a very satisfying purchase indeed.

After whizzing round the park and going on another SAW ride (like at thorpe park, only better because there was a nice tv screen to look at when you were going up the vertical lift hill, and it was inside) we went to another Cracker Barrell restuarant, and had a rather tasty veggie skillet, again this was dangerously close to being a healthy meal in America, but no wait, they had dumped a load of cheese all over it. But it was damn tasty.

We decided we were going to go on a helicopter tour as we had seen one going cheap earlier on, however there was a massive thunderstorm heading our way, and sure enough the clouds erupted soon after, so we decided against it, enough thrill rides for one day.

Moved onto Kentucky for our next hotel which also had a nice pool outdoors which we took advantage of, then onto hardees for burgers. I had a strange iced tea for a dollar. More chilling in room after that, no sign of any 'Jimmy's bars'.

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