Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Day 8 - 27th June 2009 - Six Flags over Georgia, Austell, Georgia

Woke at 640am, in a total haze, I had not felt so rough in a long time, our cases werent fully packed so we quickly threw our bits together, didnt even have time to brush my teeth, and stumbled out to meet Gary and Ann, still wearing our age verification badges and stinking of stale lager. Felt like absolute shit all day long, as soon as I got in the car I fell asleep again, for most of the 2 hour drive to Six flags over Georgia, went on Goliath first thing, a nice smooth B&M coaster, as I was queuing up I was unsure as to how advisable it is to go on a coaster feeling hungover, Ledge didnt look much better, anyway I go on it, and it didnt really do much for me because I kept thinking what if I suddenley threw up, after Goliath I sat out on pretty much everything and even had to reach for some emergency bucket of sprite (or mountain dew as its called over here). Later I did manage to get on the rapids which provided a nice cool down.

Left about 1:30pm, and onto the comfort inn located in Tennesse, very nice hotel and had a fridge and pool, went in the pool and chilled out. Later went to another K-mart on the quest for some 'cargo pants', which I managed to locate and I was in the mood for purchasing, also got some trainers and food and later watched more Jackson documentaries and again hung out pants to dry outside the room.

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