Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Day 7 - 26th June 2009 - Carowinds, Charlotte, North Carolina

What a poor and painful park! every ride hurt the hell out of my head and jibbered you about, by this point I was feeling a bit coastered out, we didnt spend long here at all.

Left the park and went to a 'cracker barrel' for lunch, the black waitress commented on my tan and put her arm against mine and said that I had a better tan than her and said that I would make a good black man as I was good looking.

Got to the hotel and after a bit of chill time me and ledge thought we had best check the area out, there looked a few bars near our hotel and clubs so we thought we might look at those later. We went for a club sandwhich in a diner not too far away from the hotel and asked the waitress where there were some bars. She reccommended 'chiefs' which was hidden behind a retail park, we were about to give up looking for it, but eventually we found it, and had to pay 5 bucks to get in and have an age verified band around our arm, when we walked in it was similar to the bar in terminator 2, and there was a live band playing, it felt 'proper american', I went up to the bar and tried to negotiate for the 'cheapest things on draft', the waitress uttered something to me and I just agreed blindly, she kindly plonked 2 glasses of beer down and charged me 2 bucks. HANG ON! thats BUCK A BEER! we were away, but we couldnt get too carried away we had to be leaving the next morning at 630am.

Ledge goes up to order the beers, I state clearly that these 2 beers I bought are definatly a buck a beer, ledge somehow comes back with a different brand of beer and cost him more, he looked confused but we carry on drinking. At some point a waitress comes round with a tray of vodka shots, and we foolishly end up buying a couple.

But as ledge says 'were on holiday'.

We then leave the bar, the band were good and in between the music I seem to remember them rocking out a lot of Jackson tunes.

We head back towards our hotel and just behind it is 'Andrews' it looks safe enough so we pile in, we find cheap flagons of beer for 3 bucks each, chatted briefly to an american girl who said she was getting engaged next week, and she was trying to give me the lowdown on what bars and clubs were good round here but I couldnt really hear anything she was saying as the music was just too damn loud.

At some point me and ledge just sat and monitored the dance floor, people were really throwing some moves and people were looking from the side and nodding in agreement. At some point we moved round to the bar again, and there was a couple dancing right in front of ledge, and the girl was making very suggestive and erotic movements whilst staring at the ledge, he found this a bit discomforting.

We soon left, very pissed, but pleased we had gotten a taste of american night life, we head back to the hotel room, by this point it must have been at least 4am, and we had to be packed and ready for 630am. I was a little hazy, and completely forgot to set my alarm, or change clothes, or do anything, ledge was the same, so we just crashed on top of the bed. Completely stone cold out.........

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