Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Day 6 - 25th June 2009 - Busch Gardens, Europe, Williamsburg, Virginia

Attempted going for breakfast but it was just FULL of kids, and they were carefully guarding the waffle machine which was directly next to the cereals, ledge made a valiant attempt to get his crunchy grains and was successful. The breakfast was a lot better than previous places but we did have to deal with extra hassles like this.

There was some wierd sausage like gravy though which you were supposed to eat with muffins and cakes, which just seemed very wrong.

After that it was on to Busch Gardens, there was another bloody nemesis ride, later to be coined 'ABN'S' due to the sheer amount of similar designed rides. Only took us about 4 hours to get around, not very busy, actually managed to find some healthy food and had a mediterranean salad.

Then it was a huge 210 mile drive to the red roof inn, which seemed a little dodgy, whilst driving down we hear that Michael Jackson has been rushed to hospital with chest pains and hes not very well, later there is an unconfirmed report that he has died! I laugh this off and think no chance, media scare..

Turn up at the hotel, and its all over the news in the lobby TV, news was breaking live, yes Wilde was right, he really wasnt going to make the tour after all!

Unpack our things and chill then onto pizza hut to get a salad for 5 bucks, then back for a few beers and tons more Jackson documentaries that Ledge was really getting into, a real early start in the morning, 6:30am for the off.

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  1. Let's see how this commenting works. I remember getting a massive bollocking for barging through the waffle queue to get to the cereal. 'We have manners in this country' is an approximation of the woman's reaction. How she new i wasn't a yank i don't know; maybe my red face and white legs gave it away. As i leant over several children to extract my cocopops I pretended to be deaf or German or something.