Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Day 4 - 23rd June 2009 - Washington D.C

Onto Washington D.C for a chill from coasters, the day before there had been a metro train smash, so everyone was a little nervy getting onboard, and it did seem quite quiet. We decided to do the touristy thing and go on a tour, we picked the 'DC DUCKS' tour which was a strange world war 2 contraption which was able to drive round and also go on water! this took an hour and a half and took us round all the main sites, at the helm was 'captain Al' who seemed a very jolly chap indeed. Saw the famous bridge of the potomac air disaster, and lots of other sites of interest. Saw the presidential helicopters whizzing back and forth but we didnt know if Obama was in residency for our upcoming dinner date. Did a lot of walking, Washington seemed very spread out and very corporate, not the kind of place that you could go on a pub crawl.

Got to the whitehouse and it was cordoned off more than usual, there was a assertive looking cop on a bike and all he would say is that 'there is an EVENT on at the whitehouse', and that was it, so we took our tourist photos from miles away and went on our way.

There were STACKS of comedy obama t shirts on the 'sidewalk' but I refrained from purchasing any to wear at the next boathouse hoons event.

It was then onto Virginia which seemed a little hicksville like, a comfort inn. Tea was in a family Italian restuarant which smelt funny, nice food though, had a ridiculously big shrimp salad with honey and mustard sauce.

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