Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Day 5 - 24th June 2009, Kings Dominion, Virginia

Aunt sarahs pancake house for breakfast, where I had a cheese omlette, again stacked with cheese, it was swimming in it, the waitress simply uttered 'uhuh', or 'yep' no matter what you asked her, and she continually filled up Ledges coffee cup.

Another day of coasters. Not an overly special park, but it was very clean and tidy and there was a lot of scattered ass that Wilde would have appreciated. The hotel had a lovely pool, and the sun was absolutely blasting out. By this point in the trip myself and ledge had not relieved ourselves shall we say, so we were a little on heat what with the blistering sun and lots of american girls not wearing much so it was Gary and Annes bright idea to take us to 'HOOTERS', which appears to be an american diner and bar in which its their sole purpose to dress up cute looking cheerleader american girls in the tightest and most revealing costumes ever. In fact ledge doesnt know where to avert his eyes, as there isnt a single bloke working in sight (although later I do spot ONE man just working on the grill).

They all seem way too friendly too, so its all 'hey guys' 'My name is Beth Jackson and I will be your Hooters girl for this evening', she quickly realises that me and ledge are 2 english drinking hoons and promptly puts down a huge jug of cold beer and pours it out into our glasses for us, me and ledge only have to sip about half of our glass and shes straight back round to pour it and fill it back up, clever ploy, and it works, as not too long after we are having yet another jug of beer.

Gary and Anne embarrass us further by asking Beth if we can have a picture with her, so we do and everyone laughs. I was a bit pissed by this point having never drunk so quick in quite some time.

After this we decide to go to K - mart, but I find I am just not in the mood for buying some cargo pants shorts this evening, and I cannot stop cracking up at ledge and pointing at random food items, we try and pull it together and buy some more beers and water.

We then randomly find a mini golf course and decide this is how our evening shall be spent, 9 holes of fun, it was quite a well landscaped course but it was bloody busy so we had to wait our turn a lot, I ended up winning somehow.

When we get back to the hotel we have some beers on the porch and dry more clothes over the balcony that we had hand washed earlier.

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