Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Day 3 - 22nd June 2009 - Dorney Park and Maryland

Skipped our 2nd day at Six Flags great adventure as we had just done all the major rides, and hardly any queuing, so decided to drop in at Dorney Park and get our Cedar Fair annual passes, not the best park in the world, but it was free.

We were flagging so went to a local starbucks, and sat out in the picnic area, a woman was by us and started to do her yoga stretches and poses which we smiled about.

Afterwards we holed up into another hotel, and decided to source some local food and beer, luckily there was a bar nearby, which we later named 'jimmy's bar' even though it wasnt called jimmy's bar, but this made us smile and started a whole string of looking at things called 'jimmy' and laughing.

The bar was proper american, even with baseball showing on a TV behind the bar, cheap coorrs, only 2 bucks a beer, had a lovely spinach lasagne which was actually healthy looking except for the buckets of cheese layered on top. There was an old fella next to me and he asked me if I had ordered the egg plant, he seemed annoyed at the new menu and decided that he wasnt going to order anything, he kept lining up a lot of decaf coffees instead. Once we got onto the subject of why I was in the states he asked if I was writing a book or doing a documentary.

Afterwards we rolled back into our room but ledge fancied a pack of cigarettes so we went back out to a local Exxon garage and I ordered a strange latte tea which was sweet as fuck but felt like I was in the movies, kinda. Packed only ten bucks as me and ledge were paranoid about getting involved in a drive by shooting or being taken down by someone with a piece. Went back and noticed there were still a lot of kids knocking around from earlier, think they must have been in a big college trip of some sort as a huge bus had pulled up earlier. We wandered past one of the windows and there were about 6 teens in there, 2 of which on laptops. Ledge said they were probably trying to source some beer and to have a local frat party.

Ledge and I kicked about outside our hotel room with a few tins of beer, then retired to our room.


  1. What the hell is that thing on the right... ah, it's a woman. If you don't enlarge the picture and ignore the slightly protruding face it looks like some kind of headless human-ostrich hybrid wearing a curtain.

  2. I thought that's what it was.

  3. Looks like somat out of resident evil. Great photos again tho, these shots really give the feeling of some usa road movie or somat.