Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Day 12 - 1st July - Kings Island, Kings Mills, Ohio

Kings Island, home of the newest beast the 'diamondback' this was a monster of a ride, we had early entry into the park, so we took advantage and rode it twice, second time right at the front, which had an incredible amount of airtime to it. Not a bad park really, finished up pretty quick though.

Went to another Hooters bar, but this time didnt have the same impact as before, think we were just too knackered to really think about things. Then a long drive to the next hotel, the econolodge in Indiana, went to a pancake house for tea.

Later Ledge and I went out to get a box of beers at the local Shell garage, and chilled in the room to yet more Jackson documentaries, not a Jimmy's bar in sight.

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  1. Ledge actually looks propper angry in this clip!!