Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Day 11 - 30th June 2009 - Holiday World, Santa Claus, Indiana

Got up a little later than expected, so we were late again in setting off. Went to Holiday World, got lost a bit beforehand due to the sat nav taking us to unfinished parts of the interstate. By now the chimichangers and other mexican food had started to vacate our bowells which caused a very unpleasant chain of smells as we carried on in our quest for fun. Got even more confused at Holiday World because we had travelled back in time an hour, we had crossed a time zone, which meant we had to wait a lot longer until Holiday World opened, so we discussed what it might be like to live in a place where you could cross a time zone so easily and figured that could be quite handy.

Holiday world housed 3 wooden rollercoasters, that in my professional opinion were 'real good'. After doing the rounds of coasters we decided to chill in the waterpark area, and as I said to ledge it would be a good idea to 'bronze up', so it was tops off and into splash kingdom. As 2 30 something males we of course did not notice that there were a lot of women in small bikinis, we were much more interested however in the HUGE water rides that were on offer, We went on some interesting rubber ring rides, one of which Ledge and I had to sit opposite each other and I had to have my back towards the huge dip in the flume, we got pushed down it, and then got flung about in a massive gramaphone looking device which actually gave you a bit of air time, and then wooshed into the water for a final exit.

The only problem was we queued for over an hour for this ride, so it was not worth going on again. By this point the floor was so hot it was actually burning our feet to stand on it, so after doing lots of comedy walks and going AOOOw (like michael Jackson) we mooched around a bit and went on a lazy river where you literally just sit in a rubber ring and float around, bumping into random people.

After this, onto Ohio, nice hotel, go for a quick bite to eat over the road, I attempt what appears to be the worlds largest salad bar with a sign advertising '54 items!' and find it a little disturbing that they seem to have creamed marshmallows as part of the buffet. Later that evening we spot a load of Racoons digging in the bins so we all take a thousand pictures of them, as we sup our tins of beer on the nearby bench.


  1. What do you mean by 'airtime'?

  2. Sounds like another good day floatin round Toobin style

  3. the feeling of weightlessness as your brought right out of your seat

    yeh proper toobin style it was haha,.